How To - Make extra money the real way

Sometimes, some of us come to certain points in life where we need some extra money or some type of financial assistance. Could be because theirs hardly any jobs that suits your taste, could be because you lost your job for some type of reason. Whatever the reason if you try hard enough you can always earn some money some way some how.


I know, probably something you hear all the time. It's actually the truth though. Their is always some type of job around if your willing to find it and do it. May not be a job of your interest but it could be a job that helps you financially until you find a job that suits you.

Some job networks

  1. indeed - One of the best job sites around that offer free resume services.
  2. Monster - Another decent job site that offers free resume help.
These are just a few to name the lest and the only two I have ever used. Am sure their is more good job related websites.

Note: Look out for websites offering free resume building help, templates, and etc. You won't believe how many websites I have visited for their false advertisement only to spend hours building a resume to have to pay for before downloading to submit to companies and etc.


A lot of us won't ask for help because we're highly independent and feel either depressed about it or feel like low lives. Thing is, you can't look at it that way when it comes to hard times. You gotta suck it up, swallow the pride and just ask somebody, family, or even head to your local government offices and apply for assistance.

Some useful help me sites

  1. crowdfunder - Have heard about this site but never been to it. It is however; a site you can try to raise capital for yourself, a cause or even raise capital for a start up business.
  2. GoFundMe - Another website where you can ask for capital for yourself and etc.
  3. KickStarter - Similar to the ones above but more for projects that you may want to accomplish.
  4. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - This is Bill Gates charity foundation website. Only problem with this is you can't get any grants or money for yourself. Its for business related purposes only.
  5. Local Government Assistance Office - Again, sometimes you just got to swallow your pride and do whats best for you.
Note: Asking for capital on fund me websites is not as simple as post it and receive it. You gotta share your post via social media and so forth to at least try and receive the capital your looking for. It takes a little time and effort. Also, watch out for some websites because some websites are looking for capital themselves and will feel your head with "get rich like this" to achieve their own goal.


About like asking for help but in a different way. Write to rich people or companies and charities asking for a contribution to you. Yeah may seem a bit low but you can't be afraid to ask when it comes to tough times. Not saying write to certain rich people or causes repeatably either. Pick a few and just express your story in the most truthful heartfelt way and not give up doing so. You never know what any outcome may be if you don't try!

That's it for now and the truth is this. Watch out for promises from websites and etc. Because their is nooooo way anyone can GET RICH QUICK unless you play your cards right in the stock market, hit the lottery, or have some incredible rich friends.

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