Wishlist - Ultimate Survival Game

Not sure about anyone else, but how many has wished just to play a certain game??? But the game you want has never been made and etc. I know I have just like other people. Personally, I'm the type of gamer who loves the real life realism that a game may offer. Some of my favorite games are survival based games, because in life you never know what may happen from one day to the next.

They may be games out that I have never personally tried. But one of the closest games I've played that come close to survival realism is the game called "The Forest". The Forest is an indie simulation open world game based on survival. Your plane crashes on an island and your objective is to learn what happen to other passengers, find your son, and of course survive. But it comes with a twist. On the island is cannibal mutants you have to fight off during your survival quest/adventure.

The Forest (Trailer)

Seems like a game with a pretty good plot, right? And it is because it's one of the best survival games I have ever played and one of the only games I know that comes close to survival realism. On top of that you can do a lot of things in this game. Build your shelters even right down to custom shelters, build fires to stay warm or to boil drinking water and cook your food, build weapons to hunt with and obtain food, go around on the island and salvage usable items to use, and much more. It's what us survival loving people like to see in video games.

Then their comes the not so realism part. The mutants. Take the mutants out of the game and add wild life game as a replacement or wild life game / tribes (not mutant) and you have a more realistic survival based game that I have personally always wanted to play. Now, The Forest game does have an option to just survive with no mutants around but it's quite boring when you have nothing to go up against other then Alligators.

How about a new plot? Perhaps, your on a charter plane that crashes on an island with you being the sole survivor. Your objective is to survive until helps comes or until you find a way to communicate to the outside world. Sounds a bit cheesy, right? But it be more of a realistic game providing gamers survival basics and education and a story pretty much saying never give up. The Forest would be the perfect basis for others to follow to some day create such a game.

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