The Forest - Surviving Day 1 - Survival Guide

Your very first day/night in the game "The Forest" is the most important one. It's challenging and you quite literally start out with nothing but what you can collect. For beginners, it can be a bit confusing and hard to understand. Specially if you know nothing about survival, even in real life.

The following guide will help you get through the very first day/night. Afterwards, you should have a better understanding how to survive in the game and maybe even real life.


When you wake up your going to be thirsty and hungry. Look around on the plane and collect anything and everything you can before you make an exit out of the crashed plane. This includes the Passenger Manifest and the Plane Axe. You really don't want to leave the plane without those two items.


  • Food Tray(s) - Editable and takes care of hunger/fullness - Only found on plane.
  • Soda(s) - Restores hydration, energy and stamina - Found throughout the island.
  • Booze - Restores hydration at the cost of energy - Found throughout the island and can be used to craft bombs and molotov(s).
  • Meds (pills) - Restores health to full health - Found throughout the island and in suitcases
  • Passenger Manifest - Find the missing 45 passengers checklist - Only found on plane.
  • Plane Axe - Useful survival tool used for cutting down trees, killing animals/cannibals and other uses - Only found on plane.


Once you exit the plane crash, take a little time to look around. Not to much time but some time. Afterwards, spend some time collecting anything and everything you can. This includes Rocks, Sticks and Cloth. The three most used items in the game and the three items you always want to try keeping stocked in your inventory/backpack. Don't forget about the suitcases either. You can crack open the suitcases using your Plane Axe and with other weapons.


  • Cloth - Used for crafting, buildings, and upgrades - Found throughout the island and in suitcases.
  • Electrical Tape - Used for crafting and upgrades - Found mainly in suitcases and a few places on the island.
  • Batteries - Used for flashlights and some upgraded weapons- Found mainly in suitcases
  • Cash - Used as a substitute for building and fires - Found mainly in suitcases and throughout the island.
  • Booze - Restores hydration at the cost of energy - Found throughout the island and can be used to craft bombs and molotov(s).
  • Soda(s) - Restores hydration, energy and stamina - Found throughout the island
  • Meds (pills) - Restores health to full health - Found throughout the island and in suitcases
  • Snack(s) -  Restores health, energy, hunger, and stamina - Found throughout the island and in suitcases
  • Tennis Ball(s) - Used as a distraction and eventually as an incendiary projectile - Found throughout the island and in suitcases - One annoying item!


Personally, I always try to setup camp a distance away from crash site and near a small pond. Not exactly by a small pond but with in walking distance. Setting up camp near a small pond provides a source off food such as fish, and a source of water although polluted. Be careful when drinking polluted water because to much of it hurts your health and can make you sick.


  • Hunting Shelter - I prefer the hunting shelter at start because your not wasting resources and it takes less time to build over the temporary shelter. Plus, the leaves and sticks can be used for more efficient camp buildings. Save your game regularly once you complete the construction of your shelter.
  • Fire Pit - I always select the fire pit for no specific reason. Just make sure you put your fire pit outside of your camp at a distance away. Cannibals are attracted to fire at night and you don't want to attract them your first day/night.
  • Drying Rack -  I always build a drying rack my first day. The drying rack is a good camp build to have because it provides you a way to hang your meats such as fish for drying. Keeps it from getting spoiled!

That's the three main camp builds you should focus on your first day/night. You can build other things later on. This about surviving your first day/night!


With your Basic Camp now setup you want to spend some time gathering food. Go to the small pond (if you setup camp near one) and open your inventory. Now, take two sticks and combine them together to make a weak spear and equip it.

At the small pond you can do some fishing with your weak spear. You can carry up to three fish in your inventory/backpack. Head back to your drying rack and hang up the fish you have caught. This insures that your fish doesn't spoil and of course dries it out (usually takes around 10 minutes).

Theirs other ways to get food your first day/night if you didn't setup near a pond. Of course, you have the snacks you may have obtained from gathering earlier from suitcases. But its wise to save them for your travels and while you explore the island. Dried Meat is also good to have while you travel and explore the island as well.


  • Small Birds - When you build your hunting shelter you will see small birds land on top of it from time to time. Small birds provide a source of food but you only get small meat from them. You can kill them by using either the plane axe or weak spear. Preferable the weak spear is the better choice. You can also collect feathers from the birds as their killed.
  • Plants & Bushes - You may have setup camp in area with edible plants and bushes such as Blueberries, Blackberries and Mushrooms. Be careful though because some edible plants and bushes are poisonous and can harm your health.
  • Animals - You may get lucky and score you a kill such as deer and rabbits. I just wouldn't spend to much time chasing them around. You can hang your meat on the drying rack if it isn't small meat.

By now, you should have all the important things you need to survive your first day/night. If possible, try not to burn your camp fire any at all at night. Whatever you do don't panic and get in a hurry. You want to stay smooth, not run and not make to much noise if you can help it. If you can do that, then you shouldn't see, hear or attract any cannibals/mutants your first day/night on the island.

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